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Outdoor Education Instructor - Cheshire

Youth Engagement Schools Trust, The Raise Academy

Contract type

Outdoor Education Instructor - Cheshire

Full time / Permanent


£25,720 - £31,428


Widnes, Cheshire


£25,720 - £31,428


10 July 2024 at 22:55:00

Outdoor Education Instructor at The Raise Academy

A fantastic opportunity at our brand new SEMH school to be a part of our journey at the very developing exciting outdoor education opportunities for our children. We are a small 64 place school and offer exceptional staff training and support

Outdoor Instructor

Job description

To deliver the vision the Outdoor Instructor will work in collaboration with the Head teacher focusing on three key themes.

Re-connecting, raising aspiration and motivating

A whole education, recognising that essential pre-cursors to academic success are personal and emotional development, independent living and decision-making skills and discovering meaningful interests and goals.

A personalised curriculum including specific engagement activities based on the interests of each individual learner.

Positive and trusted adult role models in the form of Learning Mentors and qualified teachers recruited for their enthusiasm for working with disconnected young people and their ability to understand and adapt, in order to meet the needs of the students.

Opportunities to support social and emotional needs through individualised programmes and a varied curriculum.

Unlocking every child’s potential

The curriculum will determine the knowledge and skills students will learn at each stage. It is planned efficiently to deliver exceptional lessons where students make outstanding progress, and are able to relate their learning to the wider world.

Individualised learning programmes, based on the interests and skills of the students and which draw upon the diverse range of pastoral, vocational, engagement and personal and social development activities.

Small groups of students (max 1:8) with capability to offer 1 to 1 student support.

Practical application of English and Maths to develop skills that prepare for accreditation and work towards independence and social integration.

Recognising and celebrating achievement

Positive learning environments with praise for success and recognition of achievement.

Regular liaison with parents and carers to involve them fully in the education of their children including weekly progress telephone calls.

Celebration of success through: weekly celebrations with students and staff; rewards for targeted elements; and high profile annual celebration events.

Relevant vocational learning that broadens the curriculum offer to students providing the opportunity to support their classroom learning by gaining practical skills in the workplace and ultimately allowing them to achieve recognised qualifications and become contributing members of society.

Key Priorities

Support the vision and direction of the Academy

Provide an engaging specialist curriculum within the Academy

Deliver and Maintain effective learning and teaching throughout school

Deploy resources efficiently and effectively to meet specific objectives in line with your specialist area strategic plans.

Ensure effective pastoral care and behaviour support throughout the school

Teaching and Learning

As a specialist Learning Mentor of The academy you will help secure and sustain effective teaching and learning throughout the Academy, monitor and evaluate the progress made in your specialist area and present students’ achievement, effectively using benchmarks to track set targets for improvements. He/she will:

Deliver high quality teaching of your specialist area within the school and other subjects throughout the school as and when required

Support and maintain an environment and a code of behaviour and discipline which promotes and secures good teaching, effective learning and high standards of achievement

Help organise the / your curriculum and its assessment; work with the SLT to monitor and evaluate it in order to identify areas for improvement

Ensure that the curriculum and assessments meet National Curriculum requirements

Ensure that improvements in literacy, numeracy are priority targets for all students across school.

Conduct outreach support for students unable to attend school due to their mental health needs. This will require supporting students at home or at a local library etc.

Deliver a Forest schools programme and Duke of Edinburgh Award working across all Key Stages.

Deliver and support the PSHRE programmes across the school

Work alongside staff members to plan and deliver Enrichment and reward activities

Partnership Working

Seek opportunities to invite parents and carers, into The Academy to enrich student experience and to promote The Academy’s value to the wider community

Collaborate with staff, to actively promote the British values, academic, spiritual, moral, social, emotional and cultural well-being of students and their families

Health and Safety / Child Protection

To help ensure that health and safety standards meet statutory requirements, monitoring health and safety matters within the school, particularly ensuring that all members of the staff take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others

To help ensure that Child Protection and Safeguarding procedures and Department of Health assessments of Children in Need are rigorously complied with, and that the welfare and health and safety of students are of prime consideration

To promote the safety and well-being of students and staff

To ensure good order and discipline of students and staff

Extra CPD Opportunities

Engage with CPD opportunities in order to effectively fulfil your role and achieve the best possible outcomes for our students.


Very small class sizes

Fantastic classroom support

Shorter teaching day

LGPS or Teachers Pension Scheme

Access to training and CPD including further professional qualifications.

Specialist training where required

Cycle to work scheme

Flexible and supportive approach to work

Free lunch at school - we eat with the children and take our break later

Free parking (including charging stations on most sites)

Nursery benefits

Tusker car salary sacrifice scheme

Education Mutual – private health support - access to a 24/7 GP, free face to face counselling, physiotherapy, nurse help-line, prescription service whenever you need it

Perkbox - vouchers, discounts and wellbeing

About the school

The Raise Academy is a brand-new school opening in September 2024. The school will specialise in supporting up to 64 pupils aged 11-16.

The Raise Academy pupils will have the opportunity to be engaged in a wide range of vocational and practical subjects that will give them new opportunities to progress personally, socially and academically. The curriculum will be underpinned by high quality and supportive Maths, English and Science and all lessons will be taught in small classes of up to 8 pupils, with teachers, learning mentors and pastoral/teaching assistants.

All members of staff have a commitment and passion to deliver the best possible educational experiences, encouraging all students to dream big and empowering them to lead successful and fulfilling lives, in a safe and protected, well-supported atmosphere. Our aim is to reignite that love for learning that may have been lost at some point, through inspirational teaching and provision of opportunity.

The Raise Academy will also provide the opportunity for you as educators and those supporting education to make a real difference in an environment that supports your professional development.

I hope you will want to join our team to help shape our school and create an aspirational environment for our pupils. Please get in touch if you have any questions and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Paul Eager, Headteacher



How to apply

See the job pack

We are very proud of our new school, students and the supportive community we have built. We encourage all applicants to view our website, contact us informally or visit us. To arrange this please contact:

Please complete the Youth Engagement Schools Trust application form (available on the School and Trust websites)

You are also asked to complete a letter of application that addresses the items listed on the attached Person Specification & Assessment Criteria. Please keep this letter brief and to the point (maximum 2 pages).


CVs cannot be accepted, so please do not send in, or refer to one.

Please return your application for and letter to:

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